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The In-house Recruitment community mean a lot to us! For each event we host, we ask a number of valuable questions to each attendee. These questions help us gain more insight into what’s trending in the market. As a flexible company who acts on the needs of the industry, this means we can follow the data and better serve our community by providing more relevant and insightful resources.

Our 2020 registrations thus far have shown us some exceptional comprehension into the topics in-house recruiters want to hear more on. The following stats are focused on the next 12 months, along with the location and size of companies that they’re currently working for.

As you can see in the infographic above, the key topic of interest for the next 12 months is Diversity & Inclusion. Followed by Candidate Experience, Employer Branding and Talent Pooling. When comparing the topics of interest moving forward and the feedback we received in the 2nd quarter poll results, we have a better understanding of how in-house recruiters will be spending their energy as well as who will be taking the lead on those projects. Next, we have detailed the company sizes of our audience that was surveyed and the regions in which they work. A majority of them said they were located in the Southeast/London area, but the companies sizes varied.

We then also as our event attendees if they’re looking to innovate their ATS in the next 12 months. We also ask what systems they’re currently using. As you will see in the infographic below the top 5 include Workday, Taleo, SAP Success Factors and Greenhouse as well as Avature. Finally, we asked if they didn’t already have an ATS system would they be interested in implementing one in the next 12 months, with 41% answering “yes.”

If you’d like to see more insights from our event attendees this year, check out Poll Results from Our Q1 Event and Poll Results from Our Q2 Events. If this sounds like an audience you would like to get your product or service in front of please do click the button below to get in contact with our partnerships team.

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