Improving Quality of Hire through Recruiting Enablement

With so many inspirational and innovative examples of positive change emerging in these unsettled times it is clear that traditional models of organisational leadership must change, evolve and adapt or risk being left behind. Our recent Virtual Conference brought together Recruitment Leaders and Heads of Talent Acquisition to learn the tools, structure and techniques needed to succeed in the new business world we are living in today.

At our Recruitment Leaders virtual conference, Patrik Heggberg from Oleeo, shared his insight and thoughts on the topic of Recruiting Enablement.

Topics Discussed
  • What is recruiting enablement, and how can it help?
  • Measuring the quality of hires
  • Data-driven insights detailing the top challenges for recruiters in 2020
  • Reducing bias in the talent acquisition process
Who Spoke

Patrik Heggberg

Head Of Sales
Recruitment Leaders Virtual Conference Event Partners
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