Implementing a Modern-Day Approach to Match Hiring Needs

Recruitment practices are forever evolving, and recent times have accelerated the need for processes to adapt, alter and readjust at a rapid rate. Business’ and candidates’ needs have changed so your hiring strategy also needs to. Whether it’s assessing a higher volume of candidates, ensuring the right candidates, or onboarding into a virtual workplace it is essential to ensure you’re staying relevant for all parties.

This session shared how to best keep Recruitment Practices in line with modern life and gave a case study example of how EKC implemented a modern-day approach to recruitment, replacing a paper-based requisition form and manual approval process to provide a more collaborative approach for hiring managers and the HR Team.

Topics Discussed
  • What good recruitment practice looks like
  • How to use insightful data to align your recruiting strategy
  • Providing a collaborative approach for key stakeholders
  • Case studies on how to push boundaries and enhance recruitment practices
  • Improving recruitment areas such as diversity, candidate experience, employer brand, and hiring manager experience
  • … and much more!
Who Spoke

Andrew Stevens

Chief Operating Officer
Event Partner

Eploy is the complete cloud-based recruitment platform for modern in-house recruitment teams. Eploy combines Applicant Tracking, Recruitment CRM, Talent Pool Engagement, Onboarding and Analytics into a unified web-based platform that integrates seamlessly with your careers site to provide an excellent experience for recruiters, candidates and hiring managers.

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