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Ensuring the workplace is diverse and inclusive may be key to everyone on paper but only few companies have a clear strategy for this in place. Our 2017 In-house Recruitment Awards Best Diversity & Inclusion Strategy category partners, Evenbreak, spoke to one of their finalists, Lloyds Banking Group, to learn more about the inspiring work they do welcome candidates from all walks of life.

A major driver for improvements within the group is their “Helping Britain Prosper” plan, and one of the key components of that is ‘representing the diversity of our customer base and our communities at all levels of the Group’. The approach to diversity and inclusion is to ensure that all employees feel happy and valued. One of the ways this is achieved is by being very clear about the culture of the organisation so that potential candidates can self-select before applying.

An example of LBG’s inclusive approach to recruitment is their graduate attraction and recruitment, which has been improved over the past three or four years to remove bias from the selection process as much as possible. This is also about building an inclusive brand that people can trust. The online assessment process is no longer timed. Research had found that men typically did better than women against the clock, and time pressure might disadvantage some disabled applicants.

The assessment process has moved from being competency based to being strengths based, and recruitment has been opened up to include 2:2 degrees. LBG are not just interested in academic attainment, but in the whole person and their potential and interests.

There is strong leadership commitment for inclusion, including from the CEO. This has resulted in, for example, a goal to have 40% of senior management positions filled by women by 2020, which they are on track to meet. The focus on gender has also prompted a commitment to building a culture that encourages innovative agile working policies and practices. Currently 26,000 colleagues are now working in an agile way. Each role is scrutinised to decide what agile options can be offered, and these are specified in the job advert.

I am particularly interested in inclusion around disability, and LBG already advertises all of their roles on Evenbreak. LBG want to move the debate from simply accommodating disabilities to developing talent and providing careers, not just jobs.

Their ground-breaking workplace adjustment process have won numerous awards. The Group offer specific career development programmes for disabled colleagues. Their Access disability network is very active and has over 4,000 members.

In terms of recruitment in addition to using our speciality job board, there is a guaranteed interview scheme in place and assessment is very much merit-based.

It’s easy to see why LBG have been shortlisted for the Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy category at the In-house Recruitment Awards. Diversity and inclusion are becoming increasing embedded in the culture of the Group and they are continually looking for innovative ways to improve even further.

This article has originally been published on LinkedIn by Evenbreak Director, Jane Hatton.


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