How to Write a Winning Job Advert

Successful recruitment advertising is all about selling your employer brand to new talent. Here are five things you need to include when writing job adverts:
State the Expected Salary 

A huge 48% of candidates won’t consider a role if the expected salary is not stated upfront. This means you could be losing out on up to half of your potential candidates – all because of one missing detail. Despite this fact, many employers still disregard this crucial element when writing job adverts.

Make sure to project salary estimations in your job adverts – especially when posting to online job boards, social media, and careers sites. This will increase the number of high-quality applications you receive, making it quicker and easier to fill vacancies.

Shout About your Company Culture

Company culture matters – an enormous 86% of candidates prefer to work for a company whose values closely align with their own.

Without a unique selling point, you’ll struggle to compete with the wide range of opportunities currently available to candidates. Your USP can include anything from your everyday office environment to your team spirit/atmosphere.

Shouting about your company’s culture also helps you to attract the most compatible talent for your roles – candidates whose values match those of your current workforce.

Include your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the collection of values and incentives given to your colleagues in return for their hard work. This may include private healthcare, bonus schemes, staff socials, or flexible working initiatives.

Your EVP is part of your employer brand’s unique selling point. Survey your employees to find out which incentives/benefits matter most to them – these are the factors you need to promote across future job adverts!

Talk About Learning and Development Opportunities

A fundamental part of the ‘career ladder’ is finding progression and development opportunities. Candidates are rarely looking for stagnant job roles – they want to see how your opportunity will benefit their career going forward.

Shout about your company’s learning and development opportunities in future job adverts. This adds value to your vacancies, incentivising potential candidates to join your team.

When recruiting for junior roles, for example, make it clear to candidates where this opportunity could take them in the future. How will your company support them in their learning, development, and career progression?

This is a huge selling point – especially for younger, less experienced applicants at the beginning of their careers.

Promote your Company’s ‘Diversity Pledge’

Diversity and Inclusion is a huge part of any strong recruitment strategy. Highlight your company’s inclusive values in order to attract a more diverse range of talent to your vacancies.

Does your company have a ‘diversity pledge’? What are you doing to make your hiring process fair and accessible to those from minority backgrounds?

Include this information in job ads, careers sites, and across your brand’s social media channels. Failing to approach this topic may dissuade otherwise ideal candidates from pursuing your vacancies.

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