How to Build a Successful Employee Referral Program

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88% of employers said that referrals are the #1 best source for above-average applicants. But, most businesses still face an uphill battle to increase their employee referrals.

However, the solution is relatively simple. By tweaking your referral strategy and taking a ‘campaign’ led approach you can quickly optimise results from your referral program (think 6 referral hires in 60 minutes) achieving a steady stream of referrals without deploying lengthy employee engagement strategies and repeated mass communication.

In this interactive breakfast event we were joined by Sam Davies, Steve Rodgers and Lee Harding who discussed how they’ve increased their employee referral success.

Topics Discussed
  • What a campaign methodology means when it comes to referrals and why it’s critical to success
  • Two guest speakers talking about their case studies and how they’ve delivered referral success
  • A live Referral Jam to demonstrate the methodology and show you how it works in practice with live TA roles
  • The importance of gamification and leaderboards to generate rapid engagement during a campaign
  • How content sharing and scheduling will help maximise engagement and reach over a number of weeks
  • How campaign methodology allows you to rapidly scale referrals as a highly cost-effective hiring tool
  • …and much more!
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Real Links is an employee referral platform which is helping companies to increase referrals and reduce hiring costs by up to 20%. Real Links has a significant impact on increasing employee engagement with referral schemes by automating the process to make it quick and easy for employees and providing a points based incentive structure that maintains engagement going forward.

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