How to Attract Black Gen Z Talent in 2022

Milimo (Mils) Banji is the 24-year old CEO of TapIn, a media company that’s on a mission to prepare 100 million young people for the world of work.

At our In-house Recruitment Live London one-day conference and exhibition, Mils spoke on the key factors necessary to help employers attract and retain Black GenZ talent.

Topics Discussed:

  • Problems that those from the Black community face when it comes to employment
  • Effective methods to attract and engage with black Gen Z talent
  • How to remain authentic and add value to your audience
  • The importance of messaging and comms when thinking about attracting black talent
  • How to create an environment that fosters inclusion and promotes diversity
  • Relevant insights and case studies
Who Spoke

Milimo Banji

Founder and CEO
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