How Predictive Analytics Can Transform Your Recruitment – A Round-Up

How can we best predict performance in the workplace? With more than half of British workers feeling unhappy in their job and the UK struggling with a below average productivity rate, are we recruiting the right people for the job?

As recruiters, it is our responsibility to predict a candidate’s likelihood to perform well and be happy in their new role. But traditional interviews and competency tests are no longer enough to accurately measure their fit with the business.

In our breakfast event, hosted in partnership with AssessFirst, we explored the predictive recruitment model. We learned about the assessment tools and the data we need to deliver higher performing talent, while also reducing our time-to-hire and staff turnover rates.

Check out our post-event whitepaper to find out how to apply predictive analytics to transform your recruitment delivery.

Who Spoke

Michelle Minnikin,

Chartered Psychologist & Founder

Alice Johnson, 

Head of Talent Success Management

David Bernard,

CEO & Founder

Event Partner

AssessFirst have developed a predictive recruitment solution allowing companies to predict how well candidates and employees will succeed and thrive in their job. Their solution analyses data on over 1,000,000 profiles, whether candidates, employees or recruitment professionals.

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