How Career Changers Can Help Close the Tech Skills Gap

In a recent interview discussing the results of CWJobs’ latest research, IHR’s Natasha Preocanin sat down, virtually, with Dominic Harvey, CWJobs, and Stuart Martin, QA Ltd to discuss how a growing number of workers are looking to change careers by moving into tech and what this means for the sector.

CWJobs, the leading UK IT job board, ran a piece of research at the end of last year where they surveyed a number of both tech and non-tech workers to find out the appetite for individuals moving careers, into tech, and what impact COVID-19 may have had on those decisions. Ultimately, it appears as though a huge number of non-tech workers are interested in changing careers to move into tech and with this desire to change, does this mean that the long-talked-about skills gap could be lifted?

Technology has undoubtedly made a significant difference to both the work and personal environment since we’ve gone into lockdowns and tier systems, which is somewhat explanatory for why non-tech workers might be looking to move into the sector. Being front of mind and impacting in every aspect of the world surely must twig something in people’s perceptions that this industry could be future-proofed and a dependable career choice for the future, where there is so much uncertainty right now.

Natasha, Dom and Stuart were able to discuss some key focus areas for organisations when looking at attracting, engaging and developing talent coming in from outside of the sector along with some key considerations and stories of success. Check out the video for some of the key highlights, listen to the podcast, or to gain access to the full insights, download the report.


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