Keep Up Or Fall Behind: How to Upgrade Your Talent Strategy

On Demand Webinar

Talent acquisition as we know it is changing. Seismic world events like COVID-19 and Brexit have created a climate of unprecedented uncertainty. The best candidates refuse to move, choosing security over ambition. At the same time, attrition rates are through the roof; the few candidates that are on the market are flooded with offers. With £330bil invested into tech unicorns, it has never been more difficult to find talent.

As we enter the post COVID world and the predicted economic boom, many organisations will have growth on the agenda. The big question is, how will they compete for the top talent when others continue to push boundaries and improve their offerings?

In this webinar, we discovered how, with the right talent acquisition strategy in place, you can ensure you attract high-quality candidates not just now, but always. Future-proofing your talent pipeline starts today. Don’t get left behind.

Topics Discussed
  • Futureproofing your talent solution and attracting the best talent in a changing world
  • How to engage and retain your existing staff
  • The secret to motivating millennials and gen-z
  • How to expand into new markets
  • Supporting high growth and embracing new trends
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke

Leo Harrison


Sarah Hayes

Human Resources Director

Clive Smart

Head of Talent Acquisition
Event Partner

CHAPTER 2 design and build scalable talent solutions. They use a combination of marketing and recruitment methodology to attract and acquire product, marketing and technology talent for their clients and help companies find the talent that isn’t looking. This talent isn’t found on job boards or recruiters little black books and Chapter 2 believe in taking a marketing mindset to attracting talent and then deploying scalable teams to acquire that talent to your organisation. This is a new and disruptive concept set to challenge the traditional approach to recruitment.

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