How to Create A First-Class Candidate Journey

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It’s well-documented that the Candidate’s hiring experience can be pivotal to their success at a company. In an increasingly candidate-driven market, companies need to ensure they are putting their best foot forward, or risk being left behind.

In this webinar, we discussed ‘The Big Resignation’ and how technology and processes need to be adapted in order to win the war for talent. From visiting every touchpoint on your careers page through to your onboarding portal, the team will share key insights and top tips to help you and your organisation attract and retain the very best talent.

Topics Discussed
  • What makes a great candidate journey
  • Understanding and optimising the various candidate touchpoints
  • What candidate’s expect from the hiring experience in 2021
  • How to ensure your hiring process is fast, fair and free from bias
  • Tools and technologies to succeed
  • A prediction of future trends and how to stay one step ahead
  • …and much more!
Who Spoke

Caroline Gammon

HCM Market Specialist

Marco Ingrasci

Senior Client Relations Manager

Richard Youngman

Head of Client Relations
Event Partner

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