Broadening Your Talent Pool: The Value in Hiring Ex-Military Personnel

What can those who have served in the military bring to your talent pool? Such individuals have unique skillsets as well as qualities of determination, resilience and adaptability which gives them a huge capacity for success. To understand more about this topic, we had the opportunity to ask Simon Osborne, director at ExForces Jobs Network a few questions about the value in hiring ex-forces candidates. Broadening your talent pool to consist of ex-forces individuals means acquiring many desirable and transferable skills to drive innovation in your teams. Check out the answers below to gain further insights on just a few of the things that make these candidates so unique!
1) How would you describe the personal qualities of ex-military personnel?

There are a range of personal qualities exemplified by ex-military personnel which make them strong candidates. Below, Simon listed a few of the most distinctive ones:

  • Strong managerial skills and ability.
  • Proven team leadership.
  • Exceptional ability to delegate, motivate and communicate.
  • Problem solving ability.
  • Great organisational skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Work well under pressure.
  • Strong work ethic and self-discipline.
  • Goal focused, not time focused.
2) What amount of candidates have specialised industry skills i.e. engineering?

Thousands of people leave the military each year with skills and qualifications in engineering, electronics, IT, construction, catering, driving and logistics, pilots. This means that as well as having a range of desirable practical skills, many candidates also have desirable qualifications in specialised areas.

3) What are some of the common misconceptions people might have?

The biggest misconception is that the vast majority leaving the military have PTSD or other mental health issues. Consequently many companies may be put off looking at ex-military candidates. The truth could not be more different, rates of PTSD in the military is more like 6%

Another is that veterans cannot think for themselves, again more like the opposite as situational plans are constantly changing. The ability to adapt is a key aspect of success in the military.

4) How important is it to have a diverse talent pool?

Very important, to ensure that a wide variety of perspectives and backgrounds feed in to evaluation and decision making. Having a diverse talent pool leaves more room for innovation, as different ideas and experiences bring different ideas.

5) In your experience, what are some of the main ways in which ex-forces candidates help to innovate teams?

Articulate communication – Across all of the armed forces, clear and concise communication is necessary to ensure operations run smoothly, sometimes against stressful or hostile conditions – and is a skill that translates across all industries.

Being dynamic – Military personnel are required to be task-orientated and driven in order to inspire and motivate the team around them, qualities that are equally welcomed within business.

Instinctive service ethos – Innate service skills and values of integrity, honesty and efficiency characterise many roles and positions within the armed forces. A ‘can-do’ attitude is just one facet of the inherent skill set that can be adapted to suit a variety of civilian roles.

Always a good team player – A palpable skill within the military. Whether it means being an active participant or the leader considering all approaches to a task, being able to successfully and seamlessly connect multiple voices and opinions into one positive direction is a daily requirement in most roles.

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