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If you’ve spent any amount of time in the recruiting space, you know hiring tech roles is difficult. Needless to say, finding your “unicorn” or “purple squirrel” is challenging, especially in a market that has such a severe tech talent shortage.

That challenge is why Indeed Prime was created. It’s a hiring platform designed to match employers with vetted tech candidates who meet their hiring criteria. With over 14,000 active candidates and 24,000 passive, they have learned a thing or two about how to best engage your target audience. Before they join us at the 2018 Tech Talent In-house Recruitment Conference, our event partners at Indeed Prime have shared with us some of their tips to engage those harder-to-crack passive candidates.

Personalise, personalise, personalise

Personalisation is not “Hi [insert name], your experience at [insert company] is impressive, let’s talk.” Demonstrate that you’ve actually viewed the candidate’s info and provide a compelling reason to talk. Tech candidates love hearing about your tech stack, which coding languages are used, and any interesting projects they may get to work on. In fact, in a recent Indeed study, 45% of tech candidates said the most important factor in considering a new role is how innovative the company is in terms of the technologies it uses*. So if you’ve got any insight into the technologies that help your company stand out, use them to your advantage – it could be exactly what peaks your candidate’s interest.

Check out this example of personalisation from one of Indeed’s own tech recruiters (names and certain details removed for privacy, of course).

Connect on common ground

If your candidate has a LinkedIn, GitHub, or active Twitter account, check it out. See if there’s something that you both have in common and mention it in your first contact –  it could be that you grew up in the same place or share a hobby. It not only shows that you spent time trying to understand more about your candidate, it gives you genuine common ground to connect on (while showing your candidate there are like-minded people in their potential new workplace).

Here’s one of Indeed’s favorite examples from their in-house recruiters (we love the subject line):

Remember that any response is a win

Recruiting is all about building and maintaining relationships. Even if a candidate isn’t interested now, they may be down the road. Use each engagement as an opportunity to nurture the relationship, so that when the candidate is ready to move, you are top of mind. Plus, many tech candidates have confirmed that leaning on their own network is one of the most trusted ways to find out about open roles because it adds a level of trust that isn’t often found in a cold outreach. So if you’ve built solid relationships with candidates, you can even ask them if they’ve got a friend or colleague who may be a good fit.

Check out this example of leaning on your relationships to gain interest in a new open role:

If you want to put these tips to good use with tech candidates, head over to indeed.co.uk/prime to start engaging with over 1,200 passive candidates in the London area (plus over 500 active ones!).


*2017 Indeed research study


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