On the 14th April 2016, the hugely successful ‘Conversation’ In-house Recruitment Conference took place in London. In the ultimate learning & development day for In-house Recruiters, London based Recruiters witnessed completely unique case-study presentations from world-class speakers, as well as benefiting from intimate, educational roundtable discussions with industry peers.

Samantha Ramsay, Head of Resourcing at House of Fraser gave an insightful and enlightening presentation on how House of Fraser became an award-winning employer brand, why your employer brand matters and how you can hope to benefit, the first steps you need to take to create your world-class employer brand and how to maintain and develop your brand. Check out the video of her presentation, and the presentation itself in more detail below:






Key observations


  • Difficulty in articulating what the employer brand of the business is
  • A strong business website versus a weak/non-existent careers site
  • The disconnect between business brand and employer brand
  • Time to conduct research with existing employees as to why they are happy and engaged
  • Lack of story

What can you do next to develop and improve your employer brand?

  • Continue to evolve; employer branding is never a finished process
  • Content is key; think delicately about your content. What would you want to see on your careers page if you were a candidate?
  • Discover your biggest advocates; who is it in your business who fully embodies your values? Who is truly passionate about working for you?
  • Encourage the business to buy-in to the power of employer branding
  • Use employees to tell the story
  • Make it easy for new talent to uncover who you really are






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