The Employer Brand Catch-22

Why are we still reluctant to invest in our employer brand? It seems employers still expect their EVP to perform “fire-fighting” tactics, instead of focusing it on longer-term strategies. In hopes of changing this mindset, SMRS share some key statistics on the effectiveness of an employer brand, ahead of their presentation at the 2018 In-house Recruitment Employer Branding Conference.

There was an interesting detail in the LinkedIn 2017 Global Trends survey, recently released, around the disconnect between what’s desirable and what’s doable. Among the recruiters surveyed, when asked to name one thing they wanted to spend more budget on, number one was employer branding. In fact, if money were no object, 53% would invest in employer branding, ahead of new technology (39%) and better sourcing tools (38%).

And yet it doesn’t happen. According to the same source, only 8% of recruiters’ budgets are spent on employer branding. This is nearly one-third of the amount they spend on recruitment agency costs, revealing something of the ‘distress purchase’ nature of a lot of recruiters under pressure to hire.

So, why the reluctance to invest in an Employer Brand? Read the full blog post from SMRS here and join our In-house Recruitment Employer Branding Conference on 21st June to hear a unique case study from their creative portfolio.

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