Employer Bland – Does your Proposition Risk Drowning in a Sea of Sameness?

The events of recent months have brought uncertainty to the economy, the effects of which are being felt strongly by in-house recruitment teams. For some, caution about the future has led to a temporary suspension of business as usual, but for many this pause has provided an opportunity to step back and take stock of the bigger picture. We’ve been engaging strategically with our clients to help them take advantage of their newfound headspace to rethink their employer brands, revisit their key employer propositions and get into shape for the future.

One trend that we’ve noticed recently is an emphasis – an over-emphasis, in fact – on “authenticity” as the central value of a lot of employer brand messaging. Being authentic is undoubtedly a good thing, but if everyone’s saying the same thing, it starts to lose meaning (in the same way that every CV now includes the word “passionate”).

Telling the truth is one thing, but selling the truth is where you get a chance to set out your stall and differentiate yourself from the crowd. This is where creativity comes in. A story well told is more than the sum of its parts, engaging not only with your audience’s logical reasoning but also with their emotions. In uncertain times such as these, daring to be inspirational as well as honest can provide a much-needed breath of fresh air to counteract the doom and gloom we’re seeing on the daily news.

Creed’s creative team presented on this topic at the IHR Employer Branding Virtual Conference on 25th June and loved seeing you there to hear more about how they have helped clients develop their employer brands to be the best they can be:

Could this be the time for you to revisit your employer brand and give it the love it deserves? Our complimentary, online Employer Brand Audit will help you identify what’s working and where you need to focus your efforts. It’s completely confidential, and you’ll receive a bespoke report, benchmarking your scores against the wider market.


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