Mini-guide on Bringing your Culture to Life Through Employee-led Video

Enjoy this miniature guide on how to bring your culture to life through employee-led video to boost applications and attract top talent – a blog piece written by Seenit.

Why is it becoming harder to attract and retain the right talent?

Well, 88% of millennials care about culture as a deciding factor in choosing a job. – How are you showing what it’s really like to work at your company?

64% of professionals change their role every few years. – Are you creating authentic recruitment content that meets the candidate’s expectations – including your company culture?

People are 3x more likely to trust employees than CEOs/leadership. – Today trust is as scarce as attention, how does your recruitment content stand out?

It is video that can really bring out the human connection your audience craves.

The results can be staggering. Did you know that job posts get up to 35% more applications if accompanied by a recruiting video? It is proven that viewers retain 95% of a message they watch on video, compared to 10% when reading.

However, creating video might seem scary, time-consuming and costly at times but there’s ways to work around it by using the resources already at hand – your people. Transform your employees into your own mobile film crew.

How? Get inspired by companies like EY, HSBC and Amazon on how they bring their culture to life through employee-led video to attract the right talent globally.

Graduate recruitment: EY Choices

EY wanted to humanise their recruitment process and bring the apprentice role to life as part of their annual recruitment campaign by giving apprentices the freedom to tell their story of what it is like to work at EY from their perspective.

  • Filmed by EY’s youngest employees in various roles and career stages across the business.
  • Video used as part of the national recruitment campaign alongside the application process.
  • Over 280k views on YouTube

HSBC – Through the eyes of our people

To show that HSBC are much more than just a bank and to humanise their corporate brand they amplified their employee’s voice – all in the wake of the financial crisis.

  • Filmed by HSBC employees across the globe, local offices and different roles were all highlighted through “a day in the life” video.
  • First videos HSBC created that had both strong internal engagement and external success.
  • Over 100k views on HSBC Now Share.

Amazon Vendor Services – Meet the E-commerce team

Amazon is using employee-led video to introduce their EMEA teams on their career’s pages. Click here, to see their “A day of life as a Brand Specialist at Amazon” video on the E-commerce Brand Specialists careers page.

EY – Video JD

EY is using employee-generated video job descriptions to bring their open roles to life target and attract a younger generation to their Tax graduate program. Click here, to watch what EY’s graduate program is like through the eyes of their people.

Seenit is an enterprise video crowdsourcing platform that allows you to direct your employees from all over the world to be your own mobile film crew. The content filmed on the smartphone app can then easily be curated, edited, and published, all within the Seenit platform.

We are helping large organisations like yours diversify employee engagement by turning video content creation on its head. We help empower your workforce to be your storytellers, passionate creators, and brand advocates.

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