Discover how your own employees can be your most valuable recruiting channel and most authentic brand ambassadors in Talentry’s latest whitepaper.

Low unemployment figures and hence a huge shortage of qualified specialists, new skills for the challenges of digitisation and changes in work-life balance requirements – recruitment is a topic full of challenges and so is of high strategic significance for many companies.

Ultimately, more than ever before, the issue of economic success depends on whether top talents can be convinced of the benefits a company offers as an employer.

In the “war for talent”, many organisations are reacting with big and expensive employer branding campaigns. However, considerable potential frequently remains unused within these: the company’s employees. After all, they are probably the most authentic ambassadors for the employer brand.

Read the whitepaper from Talentry on how to tap into the power of employee advocacy here. Carl Hoffmann, Talentry Co-founder and CEO, will also speak on the topic at the 2018 Manchester In-house Recruitment Conference on 7th November.


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