Effectively Using Social to Build Authentic Communities

Social media has seen a dramatic spike in usage across the board during the pandemic, platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn have experienced increase uptake of over 40%. With this likely to continue for the rest of the year we looked at how this can be taken advantage of and take your candidate attraction on social to the next level.

At our Recruitment Leaders virtual conference, Mils Banji from TapIn, shared his insight and experience on this topic and offered his top tips for social success.

Topics Discussed
  • The secret behind how we built an online community from 0 to 3k in a month
  • How to use social to communicate with gen z (and other generations)
  • What you should be talking about on social during this time
  • Adapting your attraction strategy to include social media during the pandemic
  • What to avoid and how to create value for candidates
  • Getting started with a small budget.
  • How to hack social algorithms and create binge-worthy content
Who Spoke

Milimo Banji

CEO & Founder
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