In addition to being shortlisted finalists for the third year in a row at the In-house Recruitment Awards Gala in November, EDF Energy has recently been voted the number one company to interview with in the UK based on a Glassdoor survey. We speak to Vanessa Corsie, Recruitment Manager at EDF Energy to understand what makes a great recruitment process.



1. Create a clear and transparent recruitment process

We have designed a recruitment process that is standardised across the Company. When Recruiters take a brief from hiring managers they will discuss the selection process, ensure it’s relevant to the role and committed to by all parties involved in the hiring process. By having process clarity up front Recruiters are able to articulate to candidates what they can expect during the selection process. Managing expectations helps facilitate a smooth process.


2. Putting the candidate first

Our recruitment process is candidate focused, with multiple touch points where the candidate can talk to EDF Energy employees whether within the recruitment team or hiring managers. Our Recruiters take ownership of the candidate throughout the process offering them an opportunity to find out all they need about the opportunity, EDF Energy culture and selection process.


3. Increasing hiring manager capability

Hiring managers are integral to a successful recruitment process. Our hiring managers are the face of EDF Energy as they are responsible for conducting face-to-face interviews with candidates. As a result we have developed a blended approach to increasing their hiring capability through both e-learning and facilitated training courses. Our diversity and inclusion agenda is strong at EDF Energy and through our learning programmes we aim to address the issue of unconscious bias in recruitment. Hiring managers have the benefit of being supported by a knowledgeable team of recruitment specialists who can coach them through the process as needed.


4. Keeping communication channels open

The recruitment team are committed to keeping candidates informed on the status of their application as it progresses. Feedback is provided following both telephone and face-to-face interviews as we understand how infuriating it is as a candidate to receive an auto-generated update if you have taken time and effort to invest in a process.


5. Feedback loop

To assume perfection is dangerous. We actively seek feedback from our candidates and hiring managers on the recruitment process. This feedback is critical to helping us improve the process and developing the capability of the recruitment team.


For full details, please view Glassdoor’s 20 Best Places to Interview in 2016 in the UK 


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