The LinkedIn Recruiter licence is an enticing proposition.  However there are a number of important points to consider when purchasing it due to the significant cost.  Let’s consider the main reasons you are considering buying a LinkedIn Recruiter licence.

To see the profiles of anyone on LinkedIn outside of your network

Nine out of ten profiles on LinkedIn are actually public. This means that they can be viewed by anyone via a search engine like Google. With an X-ray search from a search engine you can search profiles in a similar way to using the search tool on LinkedIn.

Additionally you do not need to have a premium or recruiter licence to view the majority of profiles that are out of your network.  Applications such as Lippl let you do this for free.

To have access to a great number of messages on InMail

Compared with the cost of InMails when bought outright this can seem like value for money.  However consider whether InMail actually works for you.  The inappropriate use of InMail means that response rates are now decreasing.  Free applications such as 360social mean that you can often find other methods of getting in touch with candidates – such as Facebook – that may be better.

Additionally, if you find that the InMail system does work for you, for the majority of members of LinkedIn you can message them for free by being part of the same group.

To use the project feature

The project tool within Recruiter is good.  However a similar result can be achieved by using Connectifier, another free tool.  This allows you to track all profiles that you have viewed, and sort profiles that you use into projects.

The project feature does allow you to track a lot of data – but this in all likelihood can be (and is already tracked) through your applicant tracking system.

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