Diversity VS Culture Fit. Getting the balance Right

Implementing and innovating a diversity and inclusion strategy is essential in ensuring business success. Companies who offer a truly inclusive culture are already ahead of their competitors, but there is always more to be done.

At our Diversity & Inclusion virtual conference, Dan Robertson from Vercida Consulting, explains how culture fit is important for any new hire, but no one wants an echo chamber. Organisational diversity leads to higher levels of creativity, customer insight, innovation and business performance. But how should organisations balance the needs for sameness and difference.

Topics Discussed
  • The world has changed forever: Why diversity matters now more than ever
  • Unpicking the mix – why inclusion (and not diversity) is the magic ingredient to high performing culture
  • How and why similarity works for business
  • The dark side of culture fit
  • Finding a solution to the sameness VS difference dilemma
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