Developing Your Current Employees in Times of Disruption

In our recent interview with Organisational Psychologist Della Rath from Aon, we delved into some of the top tips for adapting in current times. We asked how it’s possible to develop your employees in this time of disruption, upskilling them and supporting them in a way that enhances their future career and utilises their potential.

What are the roles of the future? Looking internally might be the hidden key to unlocking future success. Your existing candidates will have a range of skills which they can adapt to new roles. While recent times have been immensely challenging, they have exemplified our capacity to be adaptable and agile.

Know the talent you have at your disposal now…”

We also asked: what type of assessments can be used to measure these types of skills? To which Della answered that there is perhaps an over-emphasis on skills, and not enough discussion about potential. This is where behavioural assessments come in; they are able to ascertain a candidate’s natural abilities. The assessments look at personality traits, adaptability and working style. In the past years, the types of insights used to make hiring decisions particularly in more senior roles have tended to be more subjecting, favouring experience over anything else. While experience is valuable, in order to innovate, it is necessary to use a more data-driven approach which takes other important factors into account; behavioural factors which are able to predict future work performance. The definition of strong leadership is evolving with all other aspects of the recruitment landscape, and with Aon assessments it’s possible to drive this innovation forward and identify key candidates to propel this.

For more on this topic, check out our other mini-interview with Aon ‘How to Succeed With Virtual Assessments’ below!


Aon’s Assessment Solutions (formerly cut-e) is a global talent management firm and assessment provider that specialise in innovative psychometrics, rigorous scientific testing and a client centric approach to organisational psychology consultancy. Aon undertake 30 million assessments each year in 90 countries and 40 languages.

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