Developing a Winning Business Case for your Recruitment Technology Project

Recruitment technology projects often compete against other transformation projects and need to have a clear purpose and outlined deliverables to be successful in getting backing and budgets.

You may be looking to replace an existing ATS/Recruitment System that is no longer fit for purpose or implement a new system from scratch to replace a manual recruitment process. Either way, when you want to secure a budget and approval for a recruitment technology project, being well prepared will ensure you don’t fall at the first hurdle. A sound business case should have all of the right content, using facts and detailing the return on investment.

It’s All in the Planning. Spend Time Pulling Together your Data Base:
  • Identify your project sponsor
  • Know the process for submitting your project plan and business case
  • Consider how your recruitment technology project aligns with company strategy
  • Analyse your recruitment needs and gaps to form the project scope
  • What resources will you need to carry out the project (departments, roles)? Identify the core roles and their needs as part of your E-recruitment strategy.
  • Know the approval process and stages
Define the Challenges You’re Trying to Solve:
  • Work through the end-to-end recruitment journey.
    • What are the problems you want to solve?
    • What could be improved – candidate journey, candidate experience, time to hire for example?
    • What are the pinch points and non-value-add activities that can be enhanced by your project?
    • What is the bottom-line impact and contribution to the business that your project can deliver?
    • How do you rate your recruitment capability and risk to the business?
Pointers to Help you Uncover the Need:
  • Approvals: Raising requisitions, who is involved? How long do you spend on each one? Where are the delays, and do they impact time to fill?
  • Attraction: How easy is it for candidates to apply? Do you get application drop off?
  • Candidate screening: Do you assess and score candidates equally? Are all candidates in one system?
  • Compliance: Do you have a robust and GDPR compliant process to manage candidate data and document collection process from registration and application through to onboarding?
Project Costs and ROI

The business case should present all costs that are involved and how long it will take for your project to pay for itself. Also, think broader than the cost-saving you plan to deliver. If you are looking to automate manual processes and reduce the time of tasks you can work out what value add activity can be done with the saved time.

The more effort you invest in the planning stage will help to deliver a successful recruitment technology project business case. 


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