Designing Recruiting Processes that Root Out Bias and Promote Inclusion

Implementing and innovating a diversity and inclusion strategy is essential in ensuring business success. Companies who offer a truly inclusive culture are already ahead of their competitors, but there is always more to be done.

At our Diversity & Inclusion virtual conference, Jeanette Leeds Maister from Oleeo gave a definition of diversity the “who” & inclusion as the “how,” in our workforce today with new norms and economical uncertainty.

Topics Discussed
  • How to ensure you do not miss out on the strategic value of diverse teams supported within an inclusive environment through your hiring efforts
  • How to be more innovative by showcasing a culture of inclusion in your recruitment marketing
  • The importance of creating and delivering on a strategy to increase diversity hiring – not only expanding WHO you hire, but HOW you hire
  • How to automatically root out bias during every stage of the recruiting process, from debiasing job postings to attracting more diverse candidates, to serving up more inclusive content and using intelligent selection to more fairly rank candidates on their skills and competencies
Who Spoke


Managing Director
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