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Running events in this crazy COVID-19 period is a new experience for us all. As a go-to resource for the recruitment industry, we want to make sure we’re bringing our attendees the most relevant and insightful information. So, we asked for their input! We sent out a short survey that has given us a better idea of how to deliver the best virtual event experience for them. And we’re sharing the results with you!

We wanted to get inside the minds of our virtual exhibition attendees. From why they attend certain partner stands to the marketing they prefer (or don’t like) in a follow-up. First, we asked “How do you visit virtual exhibition stands” as in do they research the organisations that will be there beforehand to be strategic, do they visit all or none? To which the respondents said they either research ahead of time and visit accordingly or they visit right after a speaker session, so yes that speaker impression matters!

Next, we asked, “What do you like to see on a virtual exhibition stand?” When we first started doing virtual events there were a lot of organisations guessing and testing between free offers or giveaways, similar to what we do during face to face events. Most answered that they would like to see a free guide or e-book as well as a free trial on your service or product. Followed by a simple chat and meeting follow-up would suffice!

We wanted to know how our partners can draw visitors in a way that a banner or fun looking game might do at a face to face event. We asked, “When attending an IHR Virtual Exhibition, what first draws you to a virtual exhibition stand?” and required the answers to be specific. They answered:

“I like clarity on what the company on the stand has to offer before deciding to visit. In addition, a competition of some sort would entice me.”

“How the proposition is portrayed and what makes the platform/tech different to others in the market.”

“Something new that solves a point or complete challenge or hurdle at the time for me and my firm.”

Now that we know what will draw them in and what they’d like to see at the stand, we want to know: “How can the event sponsors enhance your virtual exhibition experience?” Again, we asked for specific answers and this is what we learned:

“Real life examples of how their businesses are benefiting In House Recruitment functions and do it genuinely with good and bad and not just a sales pitch.”

“Targeted follow-up with an easy way to book a chat with them.”

“Maybe freebies sent out to home address would be nice :)”

Finally, we asked the big one! “How do you like to be contacted after an exhibition? Select one” This is a big one because it can be hit or miss as well as vary depending on the person. We usually recommend contacting those that visited your stand and in a second round, or lighter approach, reach out to the wider attendee list. Avoid hitting everyone’s inboxes the same amount no matter their interest as it could leave attendees with a poor taste in their mouth after the event. Quality over quantity on this one! The feedback we received was, email was the way to go over phones calls, emails, and LinkedIn. We also asked them to leave any comments that they thought would help us in the future and we received this promising feedback!

“The webinars, talks etc are all really useful and it’s a great way to share knowledge and best practise in these challenging times.”

“Nothing else, I enjoy networking and viewing new platforms that could benefit our department/business.”

We hope this feedback was helpful and that you’re able to apply it to your next virtual event strategy. We look forward to hosting more surveys like this one so if you have a specific topic you’d like to suggest or would like to learn more about upcoming events and how to get involved please fill out the form below.

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