Defining Your Culture Story

The culture of your organisation is often confused with your brand, your values, your purpose, so what does a culture story really mean and how can you tell it? As some may, or may not, assume, the culture of an organisation is similar to any given culture throughout society – it’s the sum of its values, traditions, interactions, behaviours and attitudes.

As employee satisfaction, and retention becomes more important to organisations, so does the impact of measuring success – financial success is key but going beyond that is also paramount for companies. It has been reported that organisations that embody purpose have employees that are 1.7x more satisfied, 1.4x more engaged and 3x more likely to stay, with Glassdoor reporting that what mattered most when considering employee satisfaction were the culture and values. It is not just about retention though, a well-defined, clear culture can also help attract talent.

  • 75% would consider a company’s culture before applying for a job
  • 69% would not apply to a company if its values did not match their own
  • 63% say their company’s culture is one of the main reasons for staying
  • 70% would look for a job elsewhere if their company’s culture deteriorates
  • 57% say workplace culture is more important than salary for job satisfaction

In a world before COVID-19, flexible and remote working were said to be high on HR leaders agendas, but often the reality was somewhat different. There have been numerous surveys and data that back up the benefits in productivity and employee satisfaction where flexible working has been permitted, but it’s not always been an option for employees. Now that we are looking at a new working landscape it will be interesting to see how organisations embed these changes into their culture moving forward and how that will impact on talent attraction and retention.

The first step in telling your culture story is defining it. And this cannot simply be a message from the CEO, you must take a deep-dive and listen to employees from all aspects of the business and then start building on that. SMRS, the employer marketing specialists, are experts in this field having helped numerous organisations with defining and enhancing their culture and for them it all starts with a talk – a deep, honest discussion about your challenges. Then it is research, defining your messages, crafting your communications, an activation strategy, then measurement and refinement. It easily flexes, and has helped organisations of all shapes, sizes, and sectors to tell the right stories.

If you’re interested in finding out more, let them know. They’d love to chat about your story.


SMRS help organisations to change for the better. They deliver measurable impact where it matters most for employers; through far-reaching strategy, faultless activation and award-winning creativity.

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