Data Insights – what do people really think about work?

Everyone has a perception and relationship with work. For some it’s positive, for some it’s not. One of the core values at Wiser is ‘Be real’ so let’s take a moment to do that. Let’s be real about the fact that on average, people spend 100,000 hours at work in their life. In the best-case scenario, they love it and give their role within your company their all. In a worst-case scenario, it’s a 9-5 for them; they clock in and clock out on the dot; while they’re ‘present’ they coast along, and they don’t fire up and drive your company forward.

So, how do you define ‘work’ at your company? And how do you change the way people think about it while they’re with you?

In this interactive virtual event we explored how perceptions of work change across industries, demographics, and locations. We’ll laid out how you can go about researching and understanding what people think and our guest speakers took us through real examples of how they’ve used employer branding to transform the connection people have with their company.

Topics Discussed
  • Challenging people in HR, talent, people, culture, early careers, marketing and employer brand roles
  • Learn how to positively shift the relationship people have with work
  • Explore how you can develop and EVP and employer brand
  • Redefines the dynamic relationship people have with work at your company
  • Give you tips and strategies to gather data, transform your EVP and employer brand for different audiences
  • Real examples and inspiring stories
  • … and much more!
Who Spoke

Hattie Ghaui

Research Director
Event Partner

Wiser is an award-winning creative & recruitment company which combines culture and performance to change the way people think about work. At Wiser, they ignore the ordinary through employer branding and talent attraction, they help other companies do the same.

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