Customizable hiring software RFP template

Customizable hiring software RFP template

No matter your company size, you’ll likely need to create and send out a request for proposal (RFP) when evaluating vendors. A thorough RFP allows you to collect offers and select the vendor that best meets your needs and requirements for both capabilities and budget.

Greenhouse has done the hard part for you, and built a hiring platform RFP template that touches on every aspect of your hiring needs – from sourcing abilities to internal employee mobility offerings. Download the template and fill it out to clearly articulate your company’s needs and then easily compare product features and services.

Customizable hiring software RFP template


Greenhouse is the hiring software company. More than an ATS, we help businesses become great at hiring through our powerful hiring approach, complete suite of software and services, Hiring Maturity methodology and large partner ecosystem – so businesses can hire for what’s next

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