Customer Report – Planning for Disruption: How to Create a Resilient HR Strategy

2020 is a year that will be studied and analysed for years to come. It is vital for us to be able to gauge what the recruitment industry is experiencing and the resources they are requiring. In this study, we surveyed our community on how their organisations is reacting to the pandemic and the following is the result.

Oracle worked with Partnerships Director Theresa Onley on this project. Theresa said “Oracle was looking at ways to engage with our community and wanted to understand the current pain points and challenges faced by talent acquisition and in-house teams. We decided to run a survey and gather real-time data to create a report which will help our members during these ever-changing times. Engagement and insights are extremely valuable to help support partners with their marketing objectives and by creating a strategic partnership with IHR, Oracle was able to help businesses look at ways to be more efficient in their processes.”

How do you build a resilient business in this era of uncertainty? A business that is designed to withstand any shock to its system, whether it results from a financial crisis, competitive pressure, a major security threat – or even another pandemic?

That is the challenge facing every organisation today as it emerges from the seismic change brought about by Covid-19. Traditional HR business models and processes that served your organisation for so long are being upended. Uncertainty is the new normal. You need to define what’s next and choose your future.

This independent study, conducted in June 2020 between ourselves (IHR) and commissioned by Oracle, shines the spotlight on how in-house recruiters in U.K. organisations are responding to Covid-19.

Download the report to discover:
  • How organisations are responding to Covid-19
  • The weak links in organisations’ resilience
  • Examples of innovative, engaging solutions to support the workforce
  • Strategies and solutions to help build a resilient organisation in the future

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