Comms Over Content: Transparency to Help You Reach Your Employer Brand Goals

Implementing and innovating an Employer Branding strategy is essential in ensuring business success. The goal of our Employer Branding Conference was to teach you how to celebrate your company persona and showcase what makes it unique. Learn the tools and techniques needed to update and enhance your employer brand at this dynamic digital event.

At our Employer Branding virtual conference, Hattie Ghaui from Wiser and David Almudallal from Frasers Group presented insight info on the balance between comms and content. Hattie and her team consult and develop propositions and talent strategies for a range of clients. She believes in connecting people to their business purpose starts with understanding what motivates and drives your people. David’s role is focused on strategic planning and alignment of the Frasers Group brands and employees. He believes that building strong relationships and internal communications are essential to driving people and performance forward.

Topics Discussed
  • Why internal comms are the foundation of every employer brand
  • Why people crave transparency now more than ever, and how your employer brand can help you to achieve that
  • How externalising your internal comms can be the most powerful attraction strategy
Who Spoke


Chief of Staff


Research Director
Employer Branding Virtual Conference Event Partners
Implementing and innovating a diversity and inclusion strategy is essential in ensuring business success. Companies who offer a truly inclusive culture are already ahead of their competitors, but there is always more to be done.

At our Diversity & Inclusion virtual conference, Georgie Brazier from Milkround, presented the insights from a recent survey, looking at specific areas on how to attract candidates from all backgrounds and make roles accessible to everyone. In addition, Georgie also shared the results on how particular groups feel about the working world and some top tips on what organisations can do to support them.

Topics Discussed
  • Sharing the current landscape on the cost of working for graduates as they consider relocating
  • Discussing social mobility and sharing insights from Milkround’s latest research on the student and graduate market
  • Looking at how background can impact a candidate’s confidence
  • Tips for employers – ensuring roles are accessible to everyone
Who Spoke

Georgie Brazier

Marketing Manager
Diversity & Inclusion Virtual Conference Event Partners
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