Career Site Strategies That Will Succeed

Every organisation has an employer brand and it is imperative that this is developed and cared for to truly reflect your company’s identity, both internally and externally. The companies focusing on putting people and communities first are already ahead of their competitors, but there is always more to be done, and that is why it’s such a hot topic right now.

At our Employer Branding Virtual Conference, we were joined by Jim Taylor, the managing director of Ph.Creative. Jim’s area of expertise lies within the digital innovation of career websites. He finds clever and inventive ways to enhance and refine site performance, drives improvement to candidate experience and usability, and creates sites that beautifully amplify the organisation’s employer brand.

Topics Discussed
  • Our strategic approach to Career Site Design bringing Employer Brands to life with immersive candidate experiences.
  • Measuring the quality of job ads with
  • Insights, tools and tips for:
    • Engagement – how to stand out from the crowd
    • Performance – optimize to load slick and smooth
    • SEO – enjoying pride of place at the top of search results
Who Spoke

Jim Taylor

Managing Director

We’re Ph.Creative, defenders of happiness.

We’re here so that everyone loves their job.

An internationally successful employer branding agency with offices in Liverpool, London, San Diego and New York. Dedicated to better candidate experience, at Ph.Creative we bring clarity, focus, and diversity to our clients’ talent attraction activities, ensuring they discover the best people for their businesses, worldwide.

Effective employer branding means happy candidates and happy teams, and ultimately that means happy customers. We believe it’s the single most important element of modern-day business strategy.

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