We can segment the candidate journey into phases. We know the candidate journey isn’t as linear as this (we call it ‘the flight of the bumblebee’) but ‘awareness’, ‘education’, ‘consideration’, ‘decision’ are broadly correct. Using Candidate.ID‘s data and insights it is easy to see who is merely aware and who is about to decide to send you their resume or otherwise. This means you are able to automatically nurture candidates according to which stage they are at and give them an optimum nurture experience. This graphic will get you thinking about how to do it.

Adam Gordon is co-founder of Candidate.ID and will explain these concepts further at the Data & Insight Conference. Candidate.ID is a talent pipeline platform which enables best-in-industry talent nurture marketing and never-seen-before candidate insights which will help you save time-to-shortlist and enhance quality-of-shortlist. Candidate.ID is officially one of the 10 most disruptive startups in HR tech.

For full details of Adam’s ‘Using Pipeline Tech to Generate Real Time Candidate Data‘ presentation and for details of our full agenda, click here.

If you would like to join  us at ‘The Data & Insight Conversation’ – In-house Recruitment Conference then click here.


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