Eploy, a leader in enterprise cloud E-Recruitment software, has published the 2017 UK Candidate Attraction Report, surveying over 700 recruitment and talent acquisition professionals. The aim was to identify how candidates are sourced and how successful each channel is with regard to generating the right quantity and quality of candidates.

The report shows some changes to 2016 results and provides actionable insight for recruiters. It analyses how core recruitment sourcing channels are used and breaks down the experience and results of recruiters within different industries and company sizes.

Over 700 UK recruiters, from both in-house (60%) and agencies (40%) were surveyed across various sectors and company sizes and identifies the industries, sectors and channels that are the top performers – so how do you fare?

Here are some of the key findings of the report:

1. The number one challenge for recruiters is still scarcity of qualified candidates

The figure is slightly down from 2016 (70%), yet 62% of in-house recruiters report the lack of suitably qualified, skilled or experienced candidates as their number one issue.

2. There is a lack of recruitment marketing budgets

Within some sectors, the squeeze on recruitment marketing budget is forcing in-house recruiters to do ‘more with less’ – 36% of in-house recruiting teams cited this as an issue.

3. An active recruitment content marketing strategy drives website & careers site improvements

The survey reveals that companies with an active recruitment content marketing strategy also have the best performing careers sites. The regularity of content produced and published, the greater the quantity and quality of candidate applications received.

4. The old adage – you can’t improve what you can’t measure

Just a third of in-house recruiters regularly measure the effectiveness of their sourcing channels. However, take note as those who do see significantly improved returns across almost every sourcing channel.

5. Could there be a talent attraction crisis for Health and social care?

The health and social care sector is struggling to find the right mix of talent across all sourcing channels. This sector experience a huge issue with candidate scarcity, affecting 78% of recruitment teams in this sector. And unlike other sectors can’t rely on professional social networks (linkedIn etc) to identify suitable talent.

6. In-house fall behind on marketing to their existing candidate database

Just half of in-house recruitment teams can match new jobs with candidates they already have in their talent CRM or ATS, which is way behind agencies who rank their candidate database as the number one source for both candidate quality and quantity (94%).

7. Employee Referrals deliver the greatest candidate quality

Employee referrals are rated number one for candidate quality, with 70% of in-house teams having an active referral programme; but this comes at the cost of quantity – even for the largest organisations.

8. Size matters for company careers sites

Once again company career sites are the most utilised sourcing channel, used by 94% of in-house recruiters. But adding jobs to your company website/careers site alone can’t be relied upon to generate the levels of candidates required – except for the larger organisations.

These are just a few of the findings and you can download the full report which should be a
useful resource for planning your talent attraction strategy for 2018 and beyond.


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