Outmatch: Building a Scalable, Agile Recruitment Function

With a huge number of recruitment technologies and service providers in the market, it can often be overwhelming for recruitment teams to choose the right vendor for your business.

At our Supplier Showcase Virtual Conference, Chris shows us how using recruitment technology can prepare your recruitment strategy this year.

Topics Discussed
  • Why organisations need to be prepared for multiple recruitment scenarios as the year unfolds
  • How OutMatch helps talent acquisition teams scale and adapt their recruitment process as their needs change
  • Overview and demo of OutMatch assessment and selection technology
  • Success story from a leading employer that is using OutMatch to better react to the changing recruitment landscape
  • …and more!
Who Spoke


Senior Account Executive

Breathe life into your ATS with a Hiring Experience Stack from OutMatch. They have composed a layer of assessments, video interviewing and referencing checking to humanise the hiring process at scale. Unlike fragmented, add-on software built exclusively for transactional efficiency, OutMatch combines the best components of multiple hiring solutions to supercharge your ATS and deliver a holistic, candidate-driven hiring experience.

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