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Are we witnessing the end of traditional CVs? Last month, leading IT jobsite Technojobs announced it was partnering with the world’s first blockchain career verification platform, APPII, to enable candidates to apply for roles using blockchain verified CVs.

A blockchain is a digital record keeping system which, in this case, will verify information within a candidate’s CV, from workplace to education and training qualifications, to ensure its validity.

This collaboration is a significant step forward for the recruitment industry, as it will ensure employers that the information presented at application stage is correct, Technojobs Director Anthony Sherick says.

We asked Anthony to share the key benefits we can expect blockchain technology to bring to recruitment:

1. Biometric ID verification will ensure validity of candidates

2. Standardised career profiles will favour quality of CV content over its layout

3. QR Codes on each candidate profile will record and track their continual professional development and course attendance and load straight into their profiles

4. It promises validated content which means higher quality of candidates

5. Reduced referencing requirements means the recruitment process and onboarding will be quicker and cheaper

6. It will be GDPR-compliant. Whilst information on the Blockchain cannot be deleted, the platform will be able to retract candidate data. And thus the ‘right to be forgotten’ is applied.

7. It will ensure security. As it is on the blockchain, the information is secure and it cannot be altered. There is no single point where the system can fail or be compromised.


Technojobs’ new blockchain service and the APPII platform will be introduced to the market later this year.


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