Ahead of our upcoming Birmingham – In-house Recruitment Conference, taking place on 17th May, we spoke with our headline partner, Adzuna, about the unique insights they have gained through their network on topics such as the current state of the UK job market, the emerging trends, the ‘hotspots’, the contributing factors to growth and much more.

Below is just a brief snapshot of some of the key topics that Matt Gregory, Director of Adzuna will be speaking about at the event. For the full agenda click here and book your spot today!

Q: What emerging trends are you seeing so far in 2017 in the job market?

A: 2017 is seeing some slow recovery in average salary after 2016 was a year of decline, but salaries are still far behind where it was this time last year. Vacancies are similarly on the rise, as competition among candidates is cooling – could these two trends make life difficult for recruiters as power shifts towards jobseekers?

Q: Where are the ‘hotspots’ across the UK where the jobs market is growing?

A: In terms of regional flashpoints, Belfast and the North East of England are still the worst places to be looking for a job, with over 2 jobseekers per vacancy in Sunderland, Middlesbrough, and Hull. On the other end of the scale, Swindon is fast becoming one of the best places to look for a job, but it has a way to go to catch Cambridge where there are 0.07 job seekers per vacancy.

Q: What factors are contributing to these hotspots?

A: There is still a lot of uncertainty left over from the Brexit vote and Article 50, with increasing vacancies and salary levels in the Healthcare and Nursing sector partially driven by uncertainty over EU workers.

Q: What impact is technology having on the market?

A: The impact of AI and robotics on the job market has been a hot topic for a while in the job market, as expectations over automation grow. Some sectors that are vulnerable are seeing declining salaries, but we’ll look at whether the impact of technology is around the corner and how that affects recruitment.

However, all of this potentially bad news for HR and Recruiters may be offset by the fact that this sector is seeing the highest growth in salary, so there is some good news!


Join us in Birmingham on 17th May to hear from Adzuna, Nationwide, Yodel, Shell, Sofology and more giving high value presentations on topics such as candidate experience, talent pooling, the post-Brexit job market, assessment tools and much more! Confirm your place here.


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