The Best Ways to Attract Quality Candidates to Your Jobs

The cost of a bad hire can be incredibly damaging to your company. Not only can productivity plummet, but you may have to start your hiring process from scratch all over again; and this can get pretty costly.

As a result, there’s more pressure on organisations to make the right hires the first time round and this starts with attracting quality candidates to your roles.

This is particularly relevant right now as data from a recent study of current job market trends by CV-Library shows that candidates have been hesitant to apply for new jobs recently.

In fact, applications dropped by 3.6% in June 2019 and saw a miniscule 0.3% gain in July. This, in part, has been caused by the growing uncertainty around our future in the EU and the damage a no-deal Brexit could do to our economy.

Therefore, in order to attract more candidates to your jobs, your company needs to stand out from the crowd and offer valuable opportunities. With this in mind, here’s some of the best ways to attract top quality candidates to your jobs.

Ensure you have a great company culture

In an ever-changing, candidate-driven market, people are increasingly concerned with the environment they’re working in rather than the work they’ll be doing.

Therefore, creating a great company culture can set you apart from the rest. After all, people want to enjoy where they work and be surrounded by positivity and a buzzy vibe. So be sure to showcase your culture on social media and via your company website.

Offer a competitive package

It’s not all about the salary anymore; candidates’ needs have changed and now there are other key areas that they consider priorities when debating a job offer.

If you’re unable to match your competitors in the salary department, why not bolster the package with a range of workplace perks. Flexible working, bonus schemes and other incentives are highly sought after by candidates, so including these perks in your job adverts can really make the difference!

Create an open and honest connection with employees

Candidates are human beings and they shouldn’t be treated like monotonous robots. As well as having work that’s both challenging and fulfilling, they’ll want to feel emotionally secure too.

Nobody wants a standoffish manager. They want one they can approach with anything and everything. Whether this is about work or their personal life which may have a damaging effect on their productivity. If you’re known as the intimidating boss, you won’t impress candidates during interviews or retain talented staff for very long. If anything, you’re more likely to upset them.

Moreover, be sure to discuss your employees’ career goals with them and implement an open-door policy. By doing this, you minimise the likelihood of former employees leaving negative reviews online. The top candidates will always research companies thoroughly, and this includes looking out for employee reviews to get an unadulterated view of what life is like at your business.

As a result of this, you won’t be deterring any potential new hires due to poor employee reviews online.

Be an employer candidates want to work for

Word travels fast. If you build a reputation for being an employee-first company, you’ll see quality candidates flock to your jobs.

Sometimes, it’s not all about the work. It can be about the environment, the people and the manager that can really sell a job to a candidate. By valuing your employees, listening to their feedback and actually caring about their development, you’ll increase your retention rates. After all, candidates will want to be somewhere where their skills will be developed, and they’ll be a valued member of the team.

How to attract quality candidates to your jobs

In an increasingly uncertain economy, attracting quality candidates to your jobs may seem like an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes is a few tweaks to your company culture and your attitude as an employer. By making your company culture more inclusive and modernised, and really caring about your current staff, this is a sure-fire way to get more candidates interested in your company. Set the foundations of a glowing and modern company culture, and soon enough your job vacancies will be filled with quality applications!

CV-Library is the UK’s leading independent job board, attracting over 4.3 million unique users every month and boasting a database of over 11 million CVs. 

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