Adapting Early Careers Hiring in the New Normal

Like every other business area, the period we are currently in has early careers hiring at a bit of a standstill – graduate, school leavers and other entry-level candidates have been forced to leave their respective campuses early with their future career prospects in a state of uncertainty. The only viable options for employers are to pivot to new approaches or put hiring on hold. Ultimately, there’s only one option.

Based on recent research and brand new global data, HireVue has produced a short whitepaper to provide insight and actionable takeaways on adapting your early careers hiring in the new normal.

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for recruiters to implement lasting change in how they look for and assess entry-level talent – breaking down the barriers that exist within the current recruitment process, encouraging a far more diverse, inclusive applicant pool, and delivering a better candidate experience.”

Download the whitepaper to discover:
  • Brand new data on how the early careers hiring process stacks up across the world
  • How to transform your process to make it more inclusive and attract a far more diverse applicant pool
  • Ways to deliver a better candidate experience
  • Strategies to find and interview your next cohort remotely

HireVue is transforming the way companies discover, hire and develop the best talent by combining the power of video, games and AI for better hiring decisions. The HireVue Assessments and Video Interviewing Platform uses a ground-breaking combination of industrial/organisational science and rigorously tested, predictive assessment analytics to help customers find and engage higher quality talent, faster.

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