6 Reasons Hiring Managers are Key to Your Recruitment Success

When you think of Hiring Managers, what comes to mind? Is it the one who calls you up every time a new vacancy needs submitting, with no idea of the process or the tools to use?  Hiring Managers come in all shapes and sizes – the only thing this diverse group of people may have in common is that they are responsible in a business area making hires. So, why is this group so crucial to your success?

Hiring Managers are your ambassadors

For many organisations, a Hiring Manager will be a primary point of contact for a potential recruit. They expect a level of competency and communication during the recruitment cycle that encourages them to believe this is a place they would like to work. Never underestimate the value of training and guidance when it comes to ensuring all your hiring managers are on the same page.

Candidate experience is king

If you think about the worst kind of experiences you’ve had as a candidate, you’ll see why it is so important to give the right experience. Slow, badly written responses, confusing your data with another applicant’s, requesting duplications of the same information. There is so much that can deter candidates from continuing an application with your organisation.

If you want to avoid the worst mistakes, it helps to bring your Hiring Managers on board as early as possible – particularly if you don’t have an automated system that can fulfil these tasks for you. Educate and involve them, demonstrate the importance of their role in the process and they will be well on the way to providing a positive experience for all those who cross their path.

Self-service isn’t just for checkouts

With the right system, Hiring Managers can be empowered more than ever before. With a true self-service model, Hiring Managers can handle much of the recruitment administration. From shortlisting to inviting candidates to interview, empowering Hiring Managers can save substantial costs.

Embedding new systems is easier

If you’re working in a larger organisation, you’re probably going to have a more formalised recruitment system. It might be an ATS, a HR system with an ATS module or perhaps it’s neither and you’d like to implement one. If you’ve got a new system in the pipeline, having engaged Hiring Managers will make rolling out a system far easier. They’ll be experienced and knowledgeable, ready to learn and keen to hire more effectively.

Hiring Managers are best placed to identify talent

For the most part, those acting as Hiring Managers will be departmental leaders in the field they are hiring in. They are going to have a far greater appreciation for the qualifications and skills that will make a candidate successful in the vacant position. For your organisation to make the best hires that will stay within your organisation in the long term, look no further than your Hiring Managers.

So, Hiring Managers are an integral part of your recruitment success. They have the power to make a success of the recruitment strategy of an entire organisation.

For more hints, tips and examples of exactly how a Hiring Manager-led strategy can become a reality in your organisation, we’ve created a handy guide. Click here to download The Ultimate Hiring Manager Guide to see your 2020 recruitment strategy come to fruition!

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