5 Tips to Presenting a Successful Demo at a Virtual Conference

As the world continues to adapt to what a new normal might look like in the future, we are all looking for solutions and alternative ways of working and living. The likes of Zoom and Teams have become a fast-growing way of communicating, connecting and engaging with our customers, and this is extending to bigger events and traditionally, more in-person events. With events such as Google’s 2020 Developer Conference, for example, theatre and music concerts having to hold off on major events indefinitely, as they turn to virtual art forms, we in the recruitment world are also looking to virtual events to get our message to the widest audience possible.

In this article we will be discussing the top 5 tips to presenting a successful demo at a virtual conference, as well as using our very own Supplier Showcase event as an example. If you’re not sure virtual conferencing is for you or not, just keep reading – you’ll not be disappointed.

What is Virtual Conferencing?

Virtual conferencing is the new way in which events and conferencing can be held. At a time where social distancing is imperative, so too is the importance of getting your product/service in front of the right audience. At this year’s Supplier Showcase Virtual Conference we have organised it in a way, to ensure we give the audience the same look and feel as if they were at the event in real life!

We’ll take you through how the day will look in the eyes of our delegates, from the speakers’ session to the way your exhibitor stand will look. If you are interested to see how this works, we still have limited spaces available for our 10th-11th March conference. To find out more about availability click here, or check out our past virtual conferencing articles here.

What to Expect from our Supplier Showcase Virtual Conference

We know nothing can beat the face-to-face relationships created at conferences, but our virtual events provide the best hybrid experience yet! Here we’ll take you on the same journey your prospects will take when visiting and learning more about your solutions, check it out.

Entering the Virtual Conference

Entrance to Virtual Conference

Before registering to the event, the delegates would have filled out a survey asking about their key interests, challenges and what they are looking to take away from the day. An algorithm will then creating a personalised itinerary for them, and once they sign-in they will be greeted at the virtual front desk.

Just like an in-person event, they will then have these 4 the following options:

  • Go to the main stage: where the speaker sessions are held
  • Look at the speaker session agenda for the 2-day event
  • Be taken to visit the exhibition hall, where your stand will be
  • Chat to a member of our team live, should they have any questions

As you can see, they experience the same things they would at a real conference, without the dreaded queuing to get in or awkward in-queue small talk!

The Exhibition Hall

What a virtual exhibition stand looks like

Once they click through to the exhibition hall, delegates will have a birds’ eye view of the venue. As well as all our other partner exhibition stands which will be on show.  Once they identify your brand, they will click your stand and be greeted with a friendly face from your sales team.

Here are the options they’ll have to engage with you:

  • Talk to us: Which will take them straight through to a sales rep who will be online waiting to answer any questions they might have.
  • View product & service: This will show as a full list of your offerings as well as a match percentage, based on the prospects survey they filled before the conference. Here they can view a description and click “Live chat”. Which puts them through to your team.
  • About us: This is where you will show information about who you are, what you do and why you’d be a good fit for them!
  • Resources: As you would on a stand, you will have all your flyers, brochures and prints here. But they will feature as an easy to view PDF, where the prospect can download and keep forever.
  • Media: If you have any demo clips, video or any sort of media you think your customer would enjoy, this is where you can upload them.
  • Goodie Bag:  Just like at a normal conference, you can give your audience an incentive to enter your competition or even give them a bag full of goodies for visiting your stand. The possibilities are endless; from Amazon vouchers, champagne, or even a discount on a product if they use your stand number when they purchase.

Main Stage

A virtual speaker session: main hall

When a delegate wants to go to the speakers’ session of their choice, this is what they will see. With the benefit of not even having to change out of their slippers, these speaker sessions can also be transformed into an interactive Q&A’s/poll discussion. So, everyone’s voice is heard.

5 Tips to Presenting a Successful Demo at a Virtual Conference

Here we go through 5 practical tips to help make sure you give the best darn demo you’ve ever done virtually before, whether it’s pre-recorded or live. With plenty of virtual event opportunities coming up at In-house Recruitment alone, these are tips that will really add value to the way you present in the future.

  1. Clarity – Keep the messages you are trying to get across easy to understand and to the point:
    – Who you are
    – Where you’re from
    –  What your USPs are
  2. Keep an eye on the time– If you haven’t already, do a practice run. Anything under the stated time can show that you don’t have much to say, and anything over can create disinterest.
  3. Keep it visual– A lot of our audience might be viewing your demo on their laptop. So, make sure the data is easy to read as well as easy to digest, like word clouds! If you’re thinking “But we have so much cool data” – that’s great! Advise delegates that they can download the full report at your stand, where they can also find some amazing free stuff in the goodie bag section of your exhibit. It gives more incentive as to why they should visit your stand after your demo.
  4. Be engaging– Break the Zoom barrier! Why not switch it up to add live polls or Q&As to interact with your audience. But better still, you gain knowledge and insight on who is in your audience, adding extra value to what you get out of your demo presentation.
  5. Practice, practice, practice– This tip is from our very own Natasha Preocanin, who is by far a master at presenting online. This doesn’t just help with your time management, but also ensuring you’re confident, and get the right amount of information to your audience.

Now that you have seen the ins and outs of a virtual conference, and what to expect from our Supplier Showcase, if you’d like to learn about our past virtual conferences check out our previous articles here. Or better yet, contact our team here.

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